Introduction of MingTyan Iron Works Co. Ltd.


MingTyan Iron Works Co. Ltd. established in 1973. In the past decades, MingTyan has insisted its core business concept in providing high quality air compressors and customer-oriented service for all the clients in Taiwan and international markets.  In product development, MingTyan produces various types of air compressors with high-quality components and materials. Keeping the strict operating and quality control process, MingTyan stands in anadvantageous position in the industry. Additionally, MingTyan also keeps upgrading equipment and technologiesto develop new types of air compressors for customers’ wider applications.  In service, MingTyan's engineers always help customers to get knowledge in all products information and offer efficient after-sale service.  Based on the core business concept, high-quality products and customer-oriented services, MingTyan looks for the best solution in different demands of all customers.



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